Thursday, February 9, 2017

Book Deal with Flux!!!

I'm thrilled to announce my YA novel, FIX ME will be coming out this November from Flux Books.

It took me a long time to get to this point. Years of rejections, not just on this book, but all my books. But I've always pushed through, revised, researched and I always kept submitting and it finally worked out.

Never give up people, NEVER! Always keep your dream alive by writing and submitting, revising and working, research and editing, anything that pertains to your writing career. Keep going!

More info on the book here

For reputable publishers to submit your novel, be sure to check out my lists. Some offer advances and you can submit directly without an agent. Good luck!


Raiscara Avalon said...

Congrats on getting your book pubbed! :D

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Thank you, Raiscara!

Bobbi said...

Congratulations! And kudos to you for not giving up.

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Thanks, Bobbi!