Friday, February 3, 2017

A Fun and Easy Way to Look for Publishers

For anyone looking to publish with the right publisher, here is a fun and easy way to look! Go to Publisher's Weekly Deal Announcements. Here you will find publishers A to Z. As you're perusing the list, you'll be able to better tell what books they're publishing, whether it's PB, MG or YA. For each book, there is a small description of what the book is about. This will give you a better indication on if your book is the right fit. Now granted, some of these publishers you would have to have an agent for, but if you don't, don't worry. There are many publishers listed that take submissions directly from the author.

If you spot a publisher that you're interested and click to view the site, find the submission guidelines if they have them and always be sure to read carefully.

The list is huge so that's always a good thing. The more the merrier! I know it can be hard and daunting to look for a publisher sometimes, but researching is always worth your time. As I mentioned in my previous post, it's best to do all your homework on that publisher before you submit. This will save you time and headaches. You don't want to submit your YA fantasy novel to a publisher that only takes YA mystery. It only makes sense to look into the publisher first, see what they publish, read the blurbs of the books and what they're about. You can even go the extra step and reading a few of what the publisher has to offer. This extra step will help you determine if they are good with editing.

Always keep your eyes out for the right publisher that will fit for you. Also check my blog for YA publishers that pay advances and are accepting unagented submissions. Good luck and happy writing!

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