Monday, October 27, 2014

A List of Reputable YA Agents

Here is a list below of all the agents and agencies accepting young adult novels that are reputable proven by the AAR (Association of Authors’ Representatives, Inc) and come recommend or highly recommended by Preditors & Editors. I’ve also had the pleasure of conversing with these agents and agencies over the years of submitting different novels. Each one listed has given polite responses to my queries and has done so with great professionalism. Some I’ve conversed with more than others, but all are very reputable, responsive and are great to work with. So here you have it, a List of Reputable YA Agents. Good luck on you submissions!

In no particular order:

Waxman Leavell Lit.: Recommended
Book-EndsLLC: Recommended
Charlotte Sheedy Lit: Recommended
Dystel & Goderich: Highly Recommended
Laura Dail Lit.: AAR, Recommended
Sandra Dijkstra: AAR, Recommended
Scott Treimel NY: AAR, Highly Recommended
Marcia Amsterdam Lit.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lisa. I found your site by Absolute Write, and may submit to one or more of these agents.


Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

I hope you do, Vanessa. Good luck to you!!!