Saturday, November 19, 2016

An Update on My Writing

Believe it or not, I’m writing novel number 9 and it’s been such a great time. This is the most I’ve written in a short amount of time. 3 months, 60K. And I’m not even done yet! It’s hard to find motivation when the rejections roll in, but for some reason this particular novel is different than the rest. I’ve been writing it non-stop. I haven’t experienced any blocks like I have before on other projects. This one seems to be coming to me and possessing me. I pray every day. I know it sounds silly, but it’s helped me stay focused and motivated.

I don’t know if this one will be published. But for the first time, I am sincerely enjoying the writing process. I started out writing 500 words a day and it’s escalated and is now at a steady pace of 1K or more a day. Hopefully I will finish it in another week or so. Then I will let it rest and print the whole puppy out and revise, revise, revise. I’m really looking forward to going back to the beginning and reading it over again.

And if this doesn’t work, I will write another. Even if they don’t get published, I love writing too much to ever give it up. It’s in my bones and very much a part of me.

I have a lot of faith in this one. It’s written in 6 POVs and all the characters are diverse and distinctly unique in their own way. I prayed (yes, again with the praying) but I prayed really really hard to get an idea, and write the whole thing. Praying for it to be non-stop. After this is all said and done, I can finally say I’ve written a full length novel in 3 months flat. Not many can say that. I wrote some of my other novels pretty quick, but never this much. My first novel, 35K in 10 days, but that was years ago and I was manic then. And I got nothing but rejections the first time around.

I’m happy to say after all these years, I can still write. Don’t give up hope on your first or second or even seventh one. Your writing can only get better.