Saturday, August 13, 2016

Get to the Point!

Sometimes I don’t know what to blog about or write about. Usually it’s a good idea to have a topic you want to cover or an idea of something. I don’t really have a topic. I’m hoping by writing something, anything, I’ll have a topic at the end of this. Or at least something that has a point to it.

Ever listen to someone and you are waiting to get to the point and sometimes they never do? Well this will probably be one of those posts. If you can get something out of this, great!

This is how I feel about writing. I think most of us want our writing to be meaningful. There is always something meaningful in writing, whether it’d be a poem or article or chapter. Sometimes you don’t know what that meaning is until you fully write it. I think if you are struggling with the meaning or want it to have meaning and you are stumped at writing it, just write it out anyway. Write your thoughts down on paper, or type them out, then look back and analyze. Most of the time, you’ll find meaning in it.

A lot of times, I will write something and then delete all of it because I just don’t think it’s good enough. Or it just sucks, I think. This is just my tastes. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good. So what I’ve learned in writing, if you’re blocked. Just write down what you’re blocked about, let your thoughts flow. Write spontaneous verses of something or phrases and phrases of babbling. When you reread, hopefully you will have something of value. You will write a line or two (or more) that you can maybe use for later.

I’m a real fan of spontaneous writing. Gum, a walk in the park. I see two women arguing by the bench there. The moon is rising. Ice Cream truck goes by. Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall back and forth. Be free with writing. Wee this is fun type of thing. You’ll realize it’s better to write it out then to stare at the computer curser blinking in your eye like a heartbeat.

So getting to the point might be easier when you write it out, like I did here. What’s my point? When you don’t know or have writing issues to move forward (like I do sometimes) just keep writing, just keep writing. Like Dory, but swimming in a sea of words.

I go for long bouts of not writing. And for me, as a writer, it isn’t good. So I am trying to practice what I preach. I took the summer off from writing to enjoy my kids, but they will be going back to school and in essence I will be going back to writing. I have a lot of novels built up. I could revise or start fresh with a new idea. When it comes time, I will force myself, butt in chair and write something, anything. Or keep a journal or something, damn it!

So hopefully this will pep you up into the writing gear for the fall too. Maybe your kids will be going back to school too and then you can devote more time to writing. So with that, I am looking forward to my writing career and will forge ahead with writing, hopefully something meaningful and that has a point to it. Good luck on your writing journey too. 

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