Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Birthday Wish!

Today is my birthday and I thought of my wish and the genie from Aladdin came to mind. Then I thought of Robin Williams. I was devastated when he died, but I can understand because I too suffer from mental issues. 

But anyway, I thought of my birthday wish and have one stored for when I blow my candles out. I know this sounds silly, but when I went online I was looking at my books that I've read, my list on Goodreads and the second book I clicked on, the book was published on July 17th, my birthday. The book was The Unquiet, by Jeannine Garsee. Go ahead and check if you want to see. I never look at my past books. This was the very first time. What prompted me was a question on my writing site, AbsoluteWrite: What’s the first novel you ever read? First thought was Anne Rice. I was thinking The Tale of the Body Thief, but I later figured out that it was The Vampire Lestat afterward. This got me wanting to look at my list. When I saw when The Unquiet was published and on my birthday date, I was like: that is a sign! But a sign of what?

How weird is that to see a book published on your birthday date? Wild huh?  And it’s your birthday???

So I thought about what this sign could mean.

It first started out with my wish, then Robin Williams helping me I think. I imagine Robin Williams helping out people with mental illness. Like he has to help others in need like him as a penance before he becomes an angel and goes to heaven. This is how I think, but I could be totally wrong. Anyone that kills themselves I don't think they go to hell, they can't! Some of them are the best of people. There's a greater job for them. I feel like Robin Williams may be helping me in some way. Like keep going, maybe you too can have a published book...and on your birthday too! hahaha. That would be wild. 

So this is what I've learned. Keep going! Without revealing what my birthday wish is exactly, I think most people can figure that one out. I’m going to keep believing in my dream. I’m ready to keep pushing myself.  I’ve been in a slump for so long (2 months) ouch! It’s time to make my wish come true and to keep believing in myself as you should believe too. If you believe you can write and get your book published, then you should keep believing in the dream until it comes true. Perseverance is key, I always say! Write on!

I sincerely hope for those of you that are in a writing slump too, that this will pep you up. I know how rejections can get you completely down. It’s stalled me for a long while. Even having kids was easier for me, writing is the hardest thing. But since that passion has never died, I will continue to embrace it and carry on. 

First and foremost I pray that my kids live a long and prosperous life, but one day a year I have a wish for myself. Here's hoping it will come true! lol 

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