Friday, May 13, 2016

Challenge Yourself

The publishing industry is a very hard nut to crack. I’ve been doing this for years and it definitely has its ups and downs. The most rewarding thing is to get praise for your work, whatever that may be, whether it’s an article, or poem or a full length novel.

I think the challenges are what you put yourself through. It’s how high do you want to go? What are your goals on becoming a published author? Nowadays anyone can publish anything. There are several different ways you can go from posting things online to having a paperback of your own work in your hands.

I’m constantly moving the bar around, to see how far I can go. Although, I’m inching my way upward, it’s an uphill battle. It gets harder with each step. The rejections might play a big role on your advancements. If you’re getting nothing but rejections, it’s even harder to move forward. At times it’s like you’re hitting a brick wall. Some people don’t make it. Some people have it really easy. I can’t compare myself to them. I can only compare myself to me and only me. Here’s the thing. Back to rejections. They can suck the life out of you and cause you to stop writing all together.

Whatever you do, do NOT stop writing. If you love writing, then write. No matter how many rejections you receive, never let anyone take your writing ability away from you. You don’t necessarily have to get published. Maybe that’s not your journey. But don’t cut writing out of your life completely because you feel like a failure. Writing is a great mental exercise and it will keep you healthy!!! Think of it that way.

It really depends on how far you want to go with your writing. It’s always good to challenge yourself. Keep going. There will be so many stumbling blocks along the way, but it will help you become a better writer.

It’s good to set goals in writing. I will write 500 words a day for 3 months. That would be a lot of word power built up right there. I will write in my journal every day. I will write a poem a week. Anything. The goals are limitless. Don’t limit yourself because you feel like you’re not moving forward. You are in your writing. Always remember that.


chris said...

Great little blog article, Lisa. Writers write, and no none should discourage us or derail our efforts. You and I have been doing this awhile. We'll likely be doing it for much longer--if the health permits. We keep hammering, and that is the only way to break the door down. We can't stand static outside it.

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Thanks, C. It really means a lot.

Anonymous said...

I love a quote I read today that puts it into oerspective for me: Transcend yourself and you will find yourself." ~Hillary Clinton. If you reach higher than you think you can achieve, you'll amaze yourself. Lucie

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

That is a great quote. Thanks for the comment Lucie!

chris said...

Yeah, it bolsters the confidence. Especially for the vocation we're in. Great quote. Jo Rowling has 10 rules for writing that really hit home. It's primarily about sticking to your guns no matter what comes your way.

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Another good line to go by, Chris. Thanks.