Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chocolate for Writers: An Extended List of Advance Paying YA Publishers Accepting Unagented Submissions

Although I can’t give out candy online today, it’s my treat to give you more publishing information as of 10-31-2013. And they are advance paying publishers too! No, it’s not a trick either. In addition to that, I’ve listed below some publishers (although they don’t pay advances) they are definitely worth looking into. Here is the breakdown.

Crossed Genres Publications: They are a small press publisher of speculative fiction. Pay 2,000 for advances

Darkfuse: They are an independent publisher of modern horror, suspense and thrillers. They take short stories, novellas and novels. Although it doesn’t state it, they will consider YA. Great cover designs. They offer hardcovers too.

Black Inc Books: UK Publisher. Although it doesn’t state in their guidelines, I’ve confirmed they do in fact accept YA. This one accepts the full manuscript too.

Black Balloon Publishing: An independent press with both print and digital distribution. They are on the quirky and offbeat side. Again, another one that doesn’t state YA in their guidelines but will consider them.

Lucky Marble Publishing: This is a new publisher so proceed with caution. They are geared towards Middle Grade and YA. They state in the FAQ link they pay a small advance.

Albert & Whitman: A long-time publisher will finally be accepting e-mail submissions January 2014.

Non-advance paying YA Publishers, but still worth checking out.

Astraea Press

Pink Fish Press

Jolly Fish Press

Unbridled Books

Verso Books (may pay advances)

Persea Books (may pay advances)

Well, that’s it! Be sure to check out each site and read the guidelines before submitting. For more extensive information on these publishers, be sure to check out Absolute Write and the P&E. Good luck and have fun! Happy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said...

Though I don't write YA, that's a good list!

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Thanks, Anne. Glad you approve! Enjoy your Halloween.

Haley Malin said...

Really helpful! Bookmarked for the future. :)

Lisa M. Cronkhite said...

Thank you, Haley. I'm glad you found it helpful.