Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Update on my Writing

Now that FIX ME is pretty much complete on my end, I’m free to move on to the next project. I plan to work on book #6 and submit it to Flux down the road. I actually have 4 other novels after FIX ME so I can definitely keep myself busy with that.

I’ve tried writing recently and found out that my computer just wouldn’t have it. Every time I went into word document, the cursor would freeze up and then I’d have to reboot the whole thing and it still wasn’t working. Plus when I’d be on Twitter, the media pictures wouldn’t show up. There were signs of problems everywhere. So it’s time for a new computer! It’s coming soon and I’m super excited I’ll be able to get going on my writing again.

We moved to a new place about 5 weeks ago and it’s been hectic, but it’s slowing down now. With my husband and son working long hours and my daughter (who will be going away to school in the fall) I have gobs of time to work on my writing career, which includes promoting FIX ME, of course. Twitter is amazing! Holla. (Love u guys!)

But I’ll admit though, I haven’t written anything big with the exception of 2 poems since we moved in. I posted one poem on Goodreads, but quickly took it down, thinking what was I thinking. Lol The second poem wasn’t even worth typing out, so I crumpled it up and tossed it in the garbage. Shoot. Miss. Have to pick it up to throw it away. Haha

I do a lot of walking and thinking, like somewhere deep something new wants to come out. I hope that day will come soon. I want to write something completely new and something I haven’t explored before. So I’m hoping on my walks, I’ll find that idea I want to write about.

Some of the novels I’ve written were easy to write and some were OMG difficult. The last novel I wrote (I call it the Dream Book) it was so wonderful to write. Everything was flowing, I wrote every day for 3 and a half months. Never once did I get writer’s block or write myself into a wedge. It’s a novel with 6 different POVs and it’s a group of teens talking about their dreams and trying to cope. Then suddenly their nightmares turn into realities and people start dying one by one. Molly, the MC has to figure out what her dreams really mean before she’s next. All 6 characters each have their own dream theme and it all connects in the end. So it’s like getting 6 stories all rolled into one, like the movie Crash.

So I’m super excited about that, but I have 3 other novels that need work.  #6 is a classic YA mystery told in a boy’s voice. He’s my only novel with a main character that’s a male. #7 is another “blue book” I call it, depressing but still with a hopeful quality. #8 is my YA horror story told in dual POV, one female, one male. I love that one too, but it most definitely needs work. That much I know. The horror novel was a big pain in the butt to write too! And it’s only 45K words!

So I’m just waiting to get the new computer. I have my daughter’s to work on right now, but once she’s gone, her computer is gone too. I’m looking forward to getting my own and buckling down on the next one in line. Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work. I sincerely appreciate it!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Attention all YA Book Bloggers and Librarians

FIX ME is now available on NETGALLEY!

It took me a long time to get to this spot and now it's available to read! FIX ME will release this November from Flux Books, and I couldn't be happier. Flux has worked really hard to get my book ready for publication. It's been a dream working with my editor, Mari Kesselring. She helped fill in the gaps and make the story whole.

I'm thrilled and excited and nervous as ever. To all the writers out there, trying to break into the YA market, never give up! If you keep pushing your book out there, keep submitting, keep writing, something will happen eventually. Never give up hope!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

FIX ME Goodreads Giveaway! Ends July 31st


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        Fix Me by Lisa M. Cronkhite



          Fix Me

          by Lisa M. Cronkhite


            Giveaway ends July 31, 2017.
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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

FIX ME Cover Reveal + ARC Giveaways!

The time has arrived! FIX ME cover reveal!!!! And right now YA Interrobang is hosting a GIVEAWAY! 3 ARC copies. I do hope you'll enter. Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support.

Here's more info on what the book is about:

Penelope Wryter‘s life has been a mess ever since her sister committed suicide a year ago. Now Pen’s hooked on Fix, an illegal drug that makes her feel, think, and see differently. The hallucinations are intense, but there’s one vision that keeps Pen coming back from more — Nate. He’s the only person who cares about her. Too bad he’s just a side effect of the drug.
Pen knows she’s going nowhere fast. She’s desperate to change. But when she tries to say goodbye to Nate, he professes his love for her making her more confused than ever. Then, when a girl from school goes missing during a bad Fix trip, Pen realizes she may be in a lot more danger than she ever imagined. Unless Pen straightens up and faces reality quick, she might be the next missing girl on the list.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Update on the List of YA Publishers (some paying advances)

I just wanted to update the list of YA publishers that are accepting submissions directly that pay advances. I'm including some small publishers (that don't pay advances) but that are on the rise and have been doing well in the YA market. Some of these publishers I have listed in the past, but will list again. Some are new to the list, so check carefully. Let's begin!

Flux Books: offers advances on some books
Albert Whitman
Entangled: romance first
Sky Pony
Bloomsbury Spark
Charlesbridge: now accepting email submissions
Page Street: Mac Millan distributes
Bold Strokes: LGBTQIA

Small Publishers (no advance)

Diversion Books
Clean Teen
Pen Name Press

So there you have it! If you know of any more to add to the list, feel free to contact me.

Always read all the guidelines, be professional when emailing! And most of all good luck to you!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Inspiration for FIX ME: Plus Writing Tips

Back in 2004, I was diagnosed bipolar with psychotic features, which began a long journey of taking prescription drugs. It took a lot of years suffering through different kinds of medications. I would suffer mostly of weight gain, headaches, fatigue, depression, the list goes on.

For a period of time, I was in denial about my illness and stopped taking the meds on and off, because one: I thought I didn’t have a mental illness, that my mind was just messin’ with me (wrong) and two: I suffered from so many side effects, it wasn’t funny.

Unfortunately after so many bipolar episodes, I had to come to grips that I was in fact sick, I had a mental illness and I needed medication for it. Luckily over the years I was able to find a combination of drugs that work for me.  

Through all this, my writing grew. I was finishing on my fourth novel and knew I had to think of something new to write. I always love to bring awareness to mental illnesses and depression and always try to incorporate that in my writing.

One day I was thinking of all the side effects prescription medication can have. You know the ones on the commercials that take two minutes to say? I was remembering when I first started taking them. I was still hearing voices at the time, not of my own. During my bipolar attacks, I would imagine things that weren’t there. And deciphering what was real and what wasn’t.

Out in my backyard, I was sitting at my patio and trying to think of something new to write. And all of a sudden, I heard “Just do it!” These are the first three words of FIX ME. I kept hearing “just do it” and so I sat down and wrote the words and spilling out came Pen’s dilemma, taking FIX and wanting to quit. But she had a reason not to, her friend Nate. But the catch to everything was that Nate wasn’t real. He was just a side effect of the drug.

It’s very easy for me to write a character in mental turmoil because I experience it on a daily basis. Every day is different. Sometimes, I’ll have my good days and sometimes bad.

So when it came to write Pen’s story, it came very natural to me. And everything was flowing how it was meant to. I wrote it in 3 months, revised it and sent it off. It took a long time to finally connect, but that’s a different story.

Sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a great idea. I know when I try to force things, it never works out that way. You have to be open for something new, something fresh. Some ways to get ideas: take a walk (without music and listen to nature instead) Sign off the computer and sit outside with a pen and paper. Doing it old school really helps sometimes.    

Also too, I call it “spontaneous writing” where you sit down and write whatever your hearts desire, cats, I love cats (I could write a novel on it) Flowers, I want to keep trying. A poem, poems are great. (that was just an example of spontaneous writing.) It’s easy and fun and you can get a lot of ideas from that too.

Another fun thing to do, other than read what’s out there, is read all the new release blurbs. I’m not telling you to copy their ideas, but just get a feel of what’s out there, what’s working. Think of something you haven’t come across.

One thing I’ve learned is that loving your idea and letting it grow on paper is a wonderful gift. Even if you never get it published, it was something you were committed to for a long period of time. And remember writing your ideas down will always be a good idea.

Monday, May 1, 2017

FIX ME is now officially on Amazon and Goodreads

Today is a celebration!!! FIX ME is now officially on Goodreads and Amazon.

I just want to thank everyone for your wonderful support. Hope to see you there.